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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National ParkThis area located in Arizonia was given Federal protection in 1983 and then named as a National Monument on January 11, 1908. On February 26, 1919 it was dedicated as a National Park, three years after the beginning of the National Park Service. This makes The Grand Canynon National Park one of the oldest in the nation. The Grand Canyon which is a ravine of the Colorado River is inside the park. The Grand Canynon is known to be of of the most significant natural wonders on earth. At this time Grand Canyon National Park admits practically five million people each year, a far difference from the yearly visitors of 44,173 which the park acknowledged in 1919.


Grand Canyon

The South Rim attracts most tourists to the park. The Park base of operations is located at Grand Canyon Village, a brief walk from the South Entrance, which is in the middle of the most familiar scenes. About thirty miles of the South Rim are accessible by road. A much smaller point of interest is on the North rim reached by Arizona Highway 67. There is no link by road between the two, except by the Navajo Bridge, involving a five-hour road trip. The remainder of the Grand Canyon is rough and out-of-the-way, nevertheless plenty of areas are approachable by paths and back roads.


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Grand Canyon National Park


Click for the latest Grand Canyon weather forecast.

Summer temperatures on the South Rim stay moderately bright and fair. The North Rim registers a bit cooler because the elevation is higher. The temperatures within the canyon are inordinately hot with temperatures rising to over 105°F. Thunderstorms routinely happen in July, August, and early September.

Winter weather on the South Rim can be harsh. The road into the North Rim is inaccessible from November to the middle of May when there is a large accumulation of snow.

In spring and fall visitors should anticipate a variety of weather situations. Great conditions can turn cold with rain.


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