Chicago ILChicago is a city in the state of Illinois and it started as the Town of Chicago on August 12, 1833 with 350 people. It grew to more than 4,000 in seven years. The actual city of Chicago was incorporated on March 4, 1837. It was on a site between Great Lakes and the watershed of the Mississippi River.


It is the largest city in the Midwest and third in the U.S. with almost 3 million in population. Now, Chicago is one of the leading cities in the world and an important transportation area, and the business, financial, and cultural capital of the American Midwest. Chicago has a strong heritage in sports, finance with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a theatre district, and art with the Art Institute of Chicago.


Maps of Famous Landmarks


The city is in the humid continental climate zone, and has four distinct seasons. July is the warmest month, with highs 84.9 °F (29.4 °C) and low temperatures 65.8 °F (18.8 °C). In January, commonly the coldest month, high temperatures average 31.5 °F (-0.3 °C) with low temperatures averaging 17.1 °F (-8.3 °C).

Chicago’s yearly precipitation averages about 34 inches. Summer is the rainy season, with showers and thunderstorms more common than long rainy periods. Winter has more snow than rain.


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