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Miami, Florida at dusk

In 1836 Fort Dallas was built in the area of Miami, Florida, although the area had been inhabited for over a thousand years by Native Americans and later by the Spanish. The city was incorporated on July 28, 1896. Miami grew into a large city during the land boom in the 1920's. Today, Miami is a major city in southeastern Florida, and has over 404,048 residents. Miami is the largest city within the South Florida metropolitan area, the largest metropolitan area in the Southeastern United States with 5.5 million people. Miami and the area around makes up the fifth-largest urban area in the U.S.


Miami Beach, FloridaMiami has global importance for its strength in finance, business, news media, arts, world trade ,and entertainment. Miami’s cultural and economic connection to the Americas and the Caribbean, and a large population of Spanish-speaking people help make Miami an prominent financial center of the Hispanic world.

Miami is in a large building boom that is second in the world (and first in the United States) for the most structures under construction that will be more than 492 feet (150 meters), with over 24 of these buildings now in process. Miami has over 80 high-rise buildings under construction, and now has nine of the ten tallest skyscrapers in the state with the tallest being the Four Seasons Hotel & Tower.

In 2008, Miami has a good reputatuion as a very clean city with its all year good air quality, large green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets and the entire city recycling programs.

Miami is well known as a vacation destination with its beaches and night life, especially on South Beach. the Miami area has historical muesums ( Miami Museum of Science), zoos (Miami Metro Zoo), aquariums (Miami Seaaquarium) and the well known Miami Boat Show. The Everglades National Park is a short distance away.


Miami has a true tropical climate with hot, humid summers, and warm, dry winters. The city does have cold fronts from November through March. It is warm and humid during most of the year, and the summers are almost the same as the climate of the Caribbean tropics. In addition, the city gets most of its rain in the summer (rainy season) and is mostly dry and cool in winter. The wet season, which is hot and humid, lasts from May to October, then dry season starts, which has mild temperatures with some colder air, which is when little rainfall happens, with the coming of a front. The hurricane season largely coincides with the wet season.


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