Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Parks Recreational AreaGolden Gate National Parks account for two hundred years of the past, from the Native American way of life, the Spanish Empire frontier, nautical history, the California Gold Rush, the development of United states seaside barricades and the advancement of the city of San Francisco.

The park is a collection of areas that go from northern San Mateo County to southern Marin County, and includes several areas of San Francisco. Golden Gate National Recreation Area combines over 74,000 acres of land, is guardian to over 1,250 significant buildings, home to 1,273 plant and animal species, includes 59 miles (95 km) of bay and ocean shoreline.The National Park Service staff, volunteers and partners work diligently to protect the park’s assests for over 13 million who come to the area every year, and for future ages.Golden Gate National Parks Recreational Area

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a U.S. National Recreation Area run by the National Park Service that surrounds the San Francisco Bay area. It is one of the most visited parks of the National Park system in the United States, with over 13 million visitors annually. It is also one of the largest urban parks in the world, with a size two-and-a-half times that of the whole city and county of San Francisco.


Golden Gate National Recreation Area is not the same as Golden Gate Park, which is an city park within San Francisco and managed by the city.


The calm weather is Mediterranean, so it tends to be breezy and cold for a lot of the park. Through the summer months, fog is common along the shorelines. It is recommended to layer your clothes and wear comfortable shoes especially in the city areas. Hiking boots are practical in some locations.



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