Landmarks Slideshow

As we will discover, landmarks, those man-made and ones that nature made, show us about our cultures, and also reveals much about our current times in the way that we preserve these vauluble landmarks.


Landmark Maps


This section presents some of the global features that are available on the website including a powerful mapping feature from Google and exciting video displays similar to YouTube. Other media capabilities will be added as they become available.


Maps of Famous Landmarks

Here is a map of the United States Capitol. You can also see the location of other famous landmarks.

The mapping function enables you to search for any location on earth in simple terms (i.e. address, famous landmark name, etc.). You can then pan and zoom using controls on the map. An overview map of the general area is also provided by clicking the little box in the lower right hand corner of the map.


Videos of Famous Landmarks

Here are videos of some famous landmarks

The video function enables video as well as audio to be presented through your browser. Control of play, pause and stop as well as sound volume are accessible at the bottom of the window.


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